My name is Dylan Burkhardt and I run UM Hoops.com, a website dedicated to Michigan basketball. I’ve spent the last decade previewing games and analyzing college hoops from a Michigan point of view. Throughout that time, people have always asked whether I’d ever considered expanding UM Hoops to cover other teams. The answer was always that I’d love to, but it would simply take too much work.

I’ve thought long and hard about what goes into a preview: trends, statistics and insights. It’s impossible for one person to write previews with that level of detail, but what if I took everything I’ve learned writing previews and applied them programmatically to the NCAA Tournament?

The idea is fairly simple: I’ve compiled all of the stats, insights, charts and trends that I use to write my previews and then I programmed a series of rules that present the most important data points to combine them into an all-in-one preview tool.

The result is a tool that allows your to preview any potential matchup and find an edge. Our rules mean that you see the 10 to 15 stats that matter rather than the 100 that don’t.

I hope you enjoy the analysis and it helps make the madness more enjoyable!

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